Accountability by Camera: Online Videos Effects on Police-Civilian Interactions

Accountability by Camera: Online Videos Effects on Police-Civilian Interactions
Douglas A. Kelly
July 2014

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"A sound piece of academic research and very informative...should be required reading for any current or aspiring police administrator or public sector leader." -- Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Books


Online video can bypass police jurisdictional influence over traditional mass media and may be affecting police-civilian interactions in American public space as the initial cusp of a paradigm shift. Where a camera may have videorecorded police actions, exclusive police custody of that camera or its recording correlates with the video being lost, destroyed, reported as nonexistent, or concealed from the public. Where police destroy, falsify, fail to file, or omit data from required documentation, online video correlates with improved accountability through police disciplinary actions. Online video correlates with significantly higher civil suit settlements for police misconduct.

About the Author

Douglas A. Kelly earned a BA (History) from The Ohio State University, an MILS from The University of Michigan, and a PhD (Mass Communication & History) from The University of Maine. He is the author of four previous books and numerous journal articles, and has taught in schools, colleges, and universities in North America, Oceania, the Middle East, and Asia.