American Gun Culture:  Collectors, Shows and the Story of the Gun

American Gun Culture: Collectors, Shows and the Story of the Gun
Jimmy D. Taylor
December 2013

ISBN-13:  978-1-59332-621-0 / Paperback
Dimensions:  5.5 x 8.5 / xvi, 192 pages

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Taylor’s neutral account of U.S. gun culture never loses sight of the fact that guns are all around us. With millions of guns and gun owners, it is imperative that policy and future research pertaining to guns consider the relative cultural and symbolic value that gun owners place on their guns. Taylor’s candid, emotional and occasionally funny research explores the symbolic meaning of guns and the ways in which the meaning assigned to guns influences gun ownership and use. Some of his more interesting findings center around conversations with gun collectors and enthusiasts about a series of interaction rituals; rituals pertaining to being a gun owner, a gun user, and possibly even the gun as an object of near-worship. Gun owners also recognize a unique stigma, and respond through a complex series of stigma management techniques. And much, much more…

About the Author

Jim Taylor is an author, researcher, proud husband and father and Professor of Sociology and Criminology. A lifelong motorcycle rider, hack songwriter/musician, former skydiver and occasional bull rider, Jim’s simple philosophy that carries over into his work is that life is about doing, sharing and experiencing new things. Dr. Taylor continues to research social problems and masculine sub-cultures.

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