The Anti-Social Network: Cyberstalking Victimization among College Students

The Anti-Social Network: Cyberstalking Victimization among College Students
Bradford W. Reyns
September 2012

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Cyberstalking is a disturbing reality for many in the United States and across the world. Yet, little is known about the extent or nature of cyberstalking victimization. Reyns’s intent is to estimate the extent of victimization, and by utilizing the lifestyle-routine activities perspective to identify risk factors for cyberstalking victimization among college students. Results indicate that certain online behaviors such as online social network usage, friending strangers online, engaging in online forms of deviance, and possessing a propensity toward low self-control increase one’s likelihood of experiencing cyberstalking victimization.

About the Author

Bradford W. Reyns is an assistant professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at Weber State University. His research focuses on victims of crime, particularly the intersection of technology and victimization, victimization among adolescents and college students, victim decision making, and victimology theory. He also serves as the book review editor for Security Journal.