Campus Rape Victims: How They See the Police

Campus Rape Victims: How They See the Police
Veronyka James
October 2015

ISBN-13:  9781593328030 / Hardcover
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James attempts to accurately measure crimes that occur on a college campus and whether students’ perceptions of police influenced their decisions to report their victimization, specifically sexual assault victimization. Her study utilized a survey methodology to gather data which were analyzed both quantitatively and qualitatively. The results of the analyses indicated that victimization reporting and satisfaction with the police was impacted by gender. Results also showed that fear of victimization and perceptions of crime influence satisfaction with the police. There was also limited support found for the proposition that perceptions of the police influence likelihood to report victimization.

About the Author

Veronyka James is an Assistant Professor in Criminology/Criminal Justice at Virginia Union University. Her research interests are sexual assault victimization reporting, stigma management, policing (particularly police misconduct), and serial murder. She has presented research on these topics at national conferences. And recently received the 2015 Emerging Scholar Award from the Northeastern Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences and the 2015 SAGE Junior Faculty Professional Development Award.