Crime and Community Policing

Crime and Community Policing
M. Alper Sozer
October 2009

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Sozer examines whether community policing reduces the crime. He finds that community policing, as implemented in the U.S., does not reduce crime and that it, unfortunately, does not, in practice, involve the community. Although community contribution and participation are considered to be most the important dimensions of community policing, they are the least practiced ones. In practice, the implementation of community policing is no different than traditional policing. On the other hand, community dynamics such as residential mobility, urban population, and poverty are stronger factors affecting crime.
Thus, Sozer’s results support social disorganization theory.

About the Author

M. Alper Sozer is currently working at the International Terrorism and Transnational Crime Research Center in Turkey as a researcher. He was graduated from Turkish National Police Academy in 1998. He earned his MA degree in Criminal Justice from Roger Williams University in 2005, and his PhD in Criminology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2008.