Death by Jury: Group Dynamics and Capital Sentencing

Death by Jury: Group Dynamics and Capital Sentencing
Nadine M. Connell
September 2009

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Connell focuses on the role that deliberation has on the juror's perception of group functioning, measured here by the construct of group climate. Her results suggest individual juror characteristics do not have a direct effect on sentencing outcomes; rather, the level of group climate acts as a mediating variable between individual characteristics and outcomes. Trial level characteristics directly predict sentencing and indirectly operate through the level of group climate. Group climate is the strongest predictor of outcomes, with juries who have more positive perceptions of group climate more likely to return the death penalty.

About the Author

Nadine M. Connell is an assistant professor at Rowan University. Her research focuses on criminal justice policy and program evaluation. Dr. Connell is currently collecting data for Phase III of the CJP in Philadelphia, PA. She is also the evaluator on a project promoting a social norms approach to help decrease substance use and violence in New Jersey schools.