Environmental Law, Crime, and Justice, Second Edition

Environmental Law, Crime, and Justice, Second Edition
Michael J. Lynch, Ronald G. Burns, and Paul B. Stretesky
August 2014

ISBN-13:  978-1-59332-781-1 / Paperback
Dimensions:  5.5 x 8.5 / xvi, 351 pages

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This second edition provides data documenting trends in pollution and environmental enforcement. Integrates recent developments in green criminology to analyze harms associated with air, land, and water pollution, and inclusion of new topics such as climate change and the role of powerful actors and civil society in shaping environmental law. It remains a timely appraisal of environmental policing, contemporary environmental law, environmental policy, and environmental justice, blending together areas that are often treated or studied individually or in isolation from one another. Designed for classroom use, Environmental Law, Crime and Justice exposes readers to the variety of issues that are important in reducing environmental crime. The text illustrates the serious nature of emerging environmental problems and demonstrates how students can become involved in studying environmental crime, law and justice.

About the Author

Michael J. Lynch is an Associate Professor in the Criminology Department at the University of South Florida. His research interests include corporate crime, environmental justice, racial bias in the criminal justice system, and radical criminology.

Ronald Burns is a Professor of Criminal Justice in the Department of Criminal Justice at Texas Christian University. He has published eight books and various manuscripts in the areas of criminology and the criminal justice system, including environmental crime, policing, white collar crime, and multiculturalism in the criminal justice system.

Paul Stretesky is a Professor of Criminology in the Department of Social Sciences and Languages at Northumbria University located in Newcastle upon the Tyne (UK). He has studied environmental justice and crime for the past 15 years and published over fifty articles and three books on the topic.

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