Fraudulent Forensic Evidence:  Malpractice in Crime Laboratories

Fraudulent Forensic Evidence: Malpractice in Crime Laboratories
Hasan Buker
June 2012

ISBN-13:  978-1-59332-578-7 / Hardcover
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Buker tells the untold story of crime labs. Through extensive field research he scrutinizes the problem of malpractice in the US publicly-funded crime labs from an administrative perspective. Several examples of malpractice in these organizations reflect not only individual mishaps of forensic scientists working in these labs, but also organizational failures. Buker finds that elements of organizational environment and organizational behavior of the crime labs combine to create this organizational failure. He concludes with public policy suggestions to maintain and amplify the trustworthiness of these very important criminal justice organizations.

About the Author

Hasan Buker is currently a researcher and adjunct faculty member at the Turkish National Police Academy and Ankara University. Previously, he taught at Minot State and Washington State Universities and served as a forensic expert at the Turkish National Police Crime Lab, HQ. His research interests cover issues in criminal justice administration and criminology at national and international levels.