Gender Attitudes and Violence against Women

Gender Attitudes and Violence against Women
Melinda R. York
June 2011

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"a great job of examining the roles that gender attitudes and social capital play in explaining the predictors of violence against women...a good supplemental reading for undergraduates." --- Sex Roles


York seeks to answer the question of the extent to which traditional beliefs about gender or gender roles are associated with increased levels of sexual assault and/or domestic violence. She also investigates the extent to which social capital serves as a protective factor with respect to the safety of women. The prevalence of traditional gender attitudes predicted rates of violence against women, specifically sexual assault and domestic violence, while social capital serves as a mitigating factor. In counties with less social capital and more traditional gender attitudes, there were substantial increases in sexual and physical assaults inflicted upon women by men. These findings confirm the theoretical literature on patriarchy and socialization into gender roles.

About the Author

Melinda York is currently an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville, IN. Her research interests are in the areas of law, courts and violence against women. She serves on several boards including the Inland Northwest Task Force on Human Trafficking, USI Sexual Assault Taskforce, and Willow Tree Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Advocacy Service.