Gender-Responsive Risk Assessment in Corrections

Gender-Responsive Risk Assessment in Corrections
Valerie R. Bell
November 2014

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Risk assessment in corrections allows practitioners to not only predict the likelihood of success for an offender and to identify areas to target for reduced risk. Such targets are argued to be different for men and women (Bloom, Owen & Covington, 2003). Bell examines the predictive validity of the Women’s Risk/Needs Assessment on a sample of women and a sample of men. Results indicate that there are differences in the prevalence, co-occurrence, and predictive validity of risk/needs and strengths for men and women. Results support prior studies regarding gender-neutral risk assessment for male offenders. Additionally, her research demonstrates the importance of gender-responsive issues in the risk prediction of women in community corrections.

About the Author

Valerie Bell received her PhD in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati in May, 2012. She began her academic career at Loras College in Dubuque Iowa in August, 2010 and continues her position there to date. Her interests include the impact of gender in criminal justice, Constitutional Law, restorative justice and criminal justice education.