Immigrants and Crime in the New Destinations

Immigrants and Crime in the New Destinations
Vincent A. Ferraro
November 2013

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Ferraro expands the current focus of the immigration-crime link to incorporate both the effect of immigration on anti-immigrant violence and the differential processes at work in new immigrant destinations. The findings on traditional crime are consistent with recent research and the community resource perspective, in that there is no observed effect of immigration on overall rates of crime, whether in traditional receiving areas or in new destinations. Analysis of anti-immigrant hate crimes suggests that while traditional receiving areas, especially those made up of older arrivals, may buffer residents from anti-immigrant attacks, immigrants in new destinations experience no such protections. Moreover, especially where the population is largely recently arrived, results suggest that immigrants in new destinations may be at heightened risk of victimization.

About the Author

Vincent A. Ferraro received his Ph.D. from Northeastern University. His research is focused on the ways in which power inequalities produce norm- and law-violating behaviors. His current projects investigate anti-immigrant violence at the county- and city-levels, with a focus on the effect of the recent economic crisis on immigrant victimization. He is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Framingham State University.