Increased Surveillance of Sex Offenders: Impacts on Recidivism

Increased Surveillance of Sex Offenders: Impacts on Recidivism
Lisa Williams-Taylor
October 2011

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Most sex offenders will eventually be released from incarceration and will need to reintegrate into society. It is, consequently, critical to understand what motivates individuals to commit sexual offenses, what reduces the likelihood of recidivism, and the best method of managing and supervising sex offenders in the community.
Williams-Taylor examines recidivism rates of sex offenders monitored by an intensive supervision and management program. She reviews risk factors and various types of recidivism, compliance with Megan’s Law, and models for differentiating between high-risk or low-risk to reoffend or abscond from registration. This is important to the criminal justice community and vital to understanding these types of public safety initiatives.

About the Author

Lisa Williams-Taylor is the Director of Program Planning at the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County. She is responsible for strategic planning and works with local policy-makers, as well as state and national organizations on planning and research initiatives. She has written over 25 publications. Her background is in research and evaluation in the areas of addictions, mental health, and criminal justice. She holds Masters of Arts degrees in Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice and a Doctorate of Philosophy degree in Criminal Justice.