Juvenile Incarceration and Reentry: A Photovoice Study

Juvenile Incarceration and Reentry: A Photovoice Study
Casey R. Shannon
February 2013

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This Photovoice study explored youth crime from the perspective of young men who have experienced incarceration. Participant-generated photographs and captions provide visual entry into the lives of these adolescents as they navigate the reentry process. The images and stories shared reflect their transition across three situations -- pre-incarceration, confinement, and reentry process. The study brings to light their perceptions and understandings of the risk and protective factors evident at each stage. The findings from this study include the voices of youth who have lived these experiences, an essential contributing component to the literature about this phenomenon.

About the Author

Casey R. Shannon is a Licensed Psychologist & Nationally Certified School Psychologist. She received her BA degree in psychology from St. Joseph’s College, in Patchogue, NY, and her PhD in School Psychology from the Univ. of Northern Colorado. She completed her internship with the Tennessee Internship Consortium in Psychology. Her research and clinical areas of interest include prevention and intervention of emotional and behavioral disorders, and the relationship between educational experiences

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