Kinship Networks Among Hmong-American Refugees

Kinship Networks Among Hmong-American Refugees
Julie Keown-Bomar
August 2004

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Keown-Bomar explores the ways Hmong-Americans use their understandings of kinship and family to cope with personal and social disruptions caused by war, refugee flight, and relocation. She interprets these human relationships with a strong sense of realism, chronicling the strengths of Hmong kin networks and familism, as well as the tensions about gender and generational status. Her work demonstrates that maintenance of cultural values and practices can serve as a means to promote cultural and human survival in tumultuous times. Drawing from what Hmong refugees shared about their own adaptation experiences, Keown-Bomar provides a practical list of suggestions for building culturally responsive social services for refugees and immigrants.

About the Author

Julie Keown-Bomar writes about Hmong-Americans and teaches courses in anthropology, race and ethnicity, and social problems. She has studied and lived in Inner Mongolia, China, and Kazakhstan. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in 2003.