Massive Resistance and Media Suppression

Massive Resistance and Media Suppression
David J. Wallace
August 2013

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Wallace explores the role and methods of media suppression in the South during the civil rights movement and the southern “massive resistance” to integration. Segregationists understood the importance of public opinion to defending their social system, and, as a result, desperately fought to influence how the civil rights movement and segregation were defined for the nation. However, when certain national news coverage and the voices of a minority of southern journalists challenged the growing massive resistance extremism and the arguments used to preserve the “southern way of life,” segregationists responded with organized attempts to silence criticism, dissent and public debate within the press.

About the Author

David Wallace is an assistant professor of communication at the University of South Carolina Upstate, where he teaches courses in mass communication law, mass communication history and public relations. Prior to teaching full time, he worked in marketing and public relations and as a sports writer in Boulder, Colorado. David and his wife currently live in Greenville, South Carolina.