Music Piracy and Crime Theory

Music Piracy and Crime Theory
Sameer Hinduja
October 2005

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Hinduja examines the social, psychological, criminological, and behavioral aspects of Internet crime. Guided by the most prominent general theories of criminal behavior, he explores music piracy - an all too-common form of cybercrime - by attempting to answer a number of questions. Does stress and strain play a role? What about low self-control? Is music piracy learned within intimate social groups? Do rationalizations and justifications contribute to participation? Is the behavior strengthened or weakened through rewards and punishments? Hinduja then discusses his findings in detail, with the intention of framing ideas into feasible practices that can accommodate the benefits of the new digital economy, the music industry, and the perpetually growing wired world.

About the Author

Sameer Hinduja is trained in both criminal justice and computer science, and his work concerns computer-related criminality. He has published his research in a variety of criminal justice, information technology, and security-related academic journals, and has lectured extensively on the need to integrate social science and computer science when addressing high-tech crime.