Police Information Sharing: All-Crimes Approach to Homeland Security

Police Information Sharing: All-Crimes Approach to Homeland Security
Ernest D. Scott Jr.
October 2008

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This study of the FINDER police information sharing system provides evidence to support all-crimes information fusion and analysis as a path to improved public safety and homeland security. Examining more than 1,500 users and 1.8 million system events over a fifteen-month period, Scott demonstrates that information sharing produces performance and efficiency gains for law enforcement. Scott looks at the IT user level for the highly contextual influences on successful outcomes and relevant information system metrics. Objective system use and user-level performance measures are combined with user perception data to produce empirical models establishing performance metrics. These models identify technology, user, and environmental factors that can be employed to predict the productive use of police data shared between disparate records management systems.

About the Author

Ernest D. Scott Jr. is a thirty-year law enforcement veteran who retired as Chief of Investigations from the Orange County (FL) Sheriff's Office. He received his Ph.D. in Public Affairs/Criminal Justice in 2006 from the University of Central Florida. He is involved in law enforcement research and consulting with primary interests in information sharing, crime and intelligence analysis, and human resources.