Police Officers' Encounters with Disrespectful Citizens

Police Officers' Encounters with Disrespectful Citizens
William C. Pizio
March 2012

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"an ambitious, cross-cultural quantitative comparison of the degree to which English and American police expect and experience disrespectful behavior." -- Criminal
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Utilizing survey data from officers in a mid-sized city police department in the United States and the London Metropolitan Police, Pizio seeks to understand the breadth of behaviors that officers find disrespectful, to discover how often officers perceive that they are experiencing disrespectful citizens, and to make cross-national comparisons. When assessing officer-based, occupation-based, and country-based characteristics, findings reveal few differences between officers in each country, supporting the notion that police in different countries are more alike than not. Additionally, education and experience were found to be positively related to disrespect in both countries, and in the U.K. unarmed officers anticipated disrespect more often than armed officers.

About the Author

William Pizio is currently Assistant Professor and Chair of the Justice and Policy Studies Department at Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina. He received his M.A. and Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from The State University of New York – University at Albany. He is a former New York State Trooper.

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