Police Shootings and Citizen Behavior

Police Shootings and Citizen Behavior
James P. McElvain

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McElvain explores police shootings from a fresh perspective. Combining the theories of routine activities and social disinhibition, McElvain uses citizen behaviors (i.e., alcohol and/or drug intoxication, and prior arrests for violent criminal conduct) as contributory factors to officer-involved shootings. Prior research generally focused on officer characteristics to explain police use of deadly force. McElvain also considers the role of the citizen. When citizen intoxication and prior violent criminal activity are considered along with officer characteristics--gender, race, and age--the officer characteristics are washed out. In other words, citizen behaviors appear to be stronger predictors of police shootings than are the officers demographics.

About the Author

James P. McElvain is commander of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, Perris Station. He is also a part-time professor at Loma Linda University's Department of Social Work and Social Ecology. His published research has appeared in Journal of Criminal Justice, Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice, The Journal of California Law Enforcement, and Criminal Justice and Behavior.