Police Taser Utilization:  The Effect of Policy Change

Police Taser Utilization: The Effect of Policy Change
Michael E. Miller
May 2010

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This work examines the effect of policy changes within the Use-of-Force Continuum on taser usage and officer’s perceptions of taser effectiveness. Data from 890 encounters during two years were analyzed to examine how changes in policy have effected taser use. Findings support that after the change, the frequency of taser use decreased, while the levels of suspect resistance increased. The frequency and severity of suspect injuries did not change and the number of officers injured was unchanged. Officers perceived an increased risk of harm to themselves as a result of the change, but this was not supported in the findings. Officers did not perceive an increased risk of harm to suspects, but this was supported.

About the Author

Michael E. Miller is an Assistant Professor at South College, Knoxville, TN. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Central Florida. He is a graduate of the Southern Police Institute 101st AOC. He retired as a Captain from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Orlando after 27 years of service. He has worked in Patrol, Narcotics, and Investigations.