Policing Cyberspace:  A Structural and Cultural Analysis

Policing Cyberspace: A Structural and Cultural Analysis
Johnny Nhan
June 2010

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Nhan studies the policing of cybercrime in California. First-hand data is drawn from front-line “cybercops” (California’s network of high-tech crimes task forces), the MPAA and motion picture studios, and high-tech companies, to explore structural, cultural, and various criminal justice issues in policing cyberspace. This research applies a nodal governance theoretical framework to map and assess social networks using the different actors involved in fighting cybercrime. Initial findings suggest collaborative security efforts are marred by inter-organizational frictions. Moreover, this security alliance must deal with digital media pirates, hostile hackers, and an unsympathetic public.

About the Author

Johnny Nhan is Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Texas Christian University. He received his undergraduate and doctoral degree in Criminology, Law and Society from the University of California, Irvine. His research interests lie in the area of cybercrime, particularly with issues of social control and policing cyberspace. He has written on various areas of cybercrime, including policing, piracy, and legal issues.