Prisons in America

Prisons in America
Marilyn D. McShane
March 2008

ISBN-13:  978-1-59332-295-3 / Paperback
Dimensions:  5.5 x 8.5 / xii, 274 pages

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"Prisons in America could serve as a model for all other criminal justice textbooks. First, it is written for student comprehension. Second, the entire content of the book can be readily included in a semester-long course. And finally, as to its cost, the book is a bargain." -- The Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice


McShane explains the controversies and issues surrounding not only the development of corrections systems in America but the most enduring problems they face. She utilizes a systems view that incorporates the external and internal factors that effect how prisons operate. Attempts to resolve the continuing political, economic, and philosophic dilemmas of incarceration involve complex motives and competing interests that are described in detail. Related legislation, law cases, and social trends are also analyzed. Students will be aided by study questions, supporting web site information and references to popular media sources that coincide with the points raised in Prisons in America. The resulting book gives an overview of the development of corrections in America and a detailed, multi-faceted discussion of its current state.

About the Author

Marilyn D. McShane is a Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Houston. She received her Ph.D. at Sam Houston State University and has taught corrections for over 20 years. Dr. McShane has studied correctional systems throughout the country in a number of grant related research projects. She formerly worked in Inmate Legal Services in the Texas Department of Corrections and has published many research articles on prison and parole issues. She is also the Co-Editor of the Encyclopedia of American Prisons.

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