Security in Schools: Its Effect on Students

Security in Schools: Its Effect on Students
Shannon Womer Phaneuf
July 2009

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Millions of dollars are spent each year improving school security, but little has been done to assess the influence of these strategies on school violence or student fear. Phaneuf examined the influence of school security practices on student fear, student bonding, and school climate in a sample of secondary schools. Her results indicated that the use of security practices in schools did not influence levels of student fear or bonding. Several school- and community-level variables were better predictors of student fear and bonding than was the use of school security strategies. Among these variables were community poverty and disorganization, the percentage of black teachers, school auspices (public, private, Catholic), community gang problems, and student enrollment.

About the Author

Shannon Womer Phaneuf received her doctorate in criminology from the University of Maryland at College Park. Her research interests focus on schools including the areas of violence, prevention-programs, security, climate and student fear. She has several publications related to the effectiveness of school-based prevention programs. Dr. Phaneuf is an assistant professor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.