Social Equity and the Funding of Community Policing

Social Equity and the Funding of Community Policing
Ricky S. Gutierrez
October 2003

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Gutierrez examines the solicitation, granting, and use of Community Oriented Policing (COP) Funds in 197 municipalities. He discusses how disproportionately poor, crime-ridden cities did in comparison to prosperous, safe cities with regard to COP funds and whether COP funding was used to help build bridges for police-community relations in cities with high levels of diversity. His results, assessing the ability of different cities to get federal money and then the effectiveness of that money, are important when analyzing publicly funded changes in local law enforcement.

About the Author

Ricky S. Gutierrez is currently Assistant Professor at California State University, Sacramento. He served in Viet-Nam in 1971-1973, worked in a correctional facility for the criminally insane, and earned his Ph.D. in 2002 from Washington State University.