Special Sensitivity? The White-Collar Offender in Prison

Special Sensitivity? The White-Collar Offender in Prison
William A. Stadler
September 2012

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"...a major contribution to the literature on imprisoned white-collar offenders. As one of the first to empirically test the "special sensitivity" hypothesis, Stadler contributes to filling the gap in our knowledge and understanding about white collar offender's adjustment to prison." --Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Books


Despite recent increases in incarceration for white-collar offenders, little is known about their prison experiences or how they adjust to imprisonment. In the justice system a view has prevailed that white-collar offenders have a “special sensitivity” to imprisonment—that they are more susceptible to the pains of prison. Stadler explores this view to determine how white-collar inmates adjust to life in prison and whether they do so differently than street offenders. Evidence suggests that white-collar inmates are no more likely to experience negative prison adjustment than street offenders, and in some cases, white-collar inmates experienced fewer problems.

About the Author

William A. Stadler received his doctorate from the University of Cincinnati, School of Criminal Justice in 2010. Since that time, he has focused his research on white-collar, corporate, and organizational crime, as well as the institutional experiences of incarcerated white-collar inmate populations.

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