Student Speech on the Internet: The Role of First Amendment Protections

Student Speech on the Internet: The Role of First Amendment Protections
Jesulon S. R. Gibbs
October 2010

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“Provides a comprehensive compilation of relevant lower court cases….The book could not be more timely….Commendable.” -- The Law and Politics Book Review


Student speech on the Internet, cyber speech, which occurs while off-campus is a growing concern for K-12 public school officials. Parents and students have claimed that First Amendment violations occur when school officials discipline students for their speech occurring off-campus on the Internet using a personal computer and personal Internet services. However, courts vary on the applicable legal standard for cases of off-campus student Internet speech since no specific U.S. Supreme Court ruling governs the question. Therefore, courts, school administrators, and legal scholars are re-examining the notion of students’ rights to freedom of speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment in the modern Internet and bullying era. Gibbs includes a recommended framework for addressing off-campus student cyber speech based upon the database of cases studied.

About the Author

Jesulon S. R. Gibbs is an Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at South Carolina State Univ. She earned her B.A. in Political Science and Writing from Spelman College, M.A. in Economic Policy from Georgia State Univ., J.D. from Indiana University, and Ph.D. from Indiana Univ. Her teaching and research foci are public school law and educational policy analysis.