TASERs and Arrest-Related Deaths

TASERs and Arrest-Related Deaths
Howard E. Williams
February 2015

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Williams examines TASER use and high-risk group theory, which posits that people with certain physiological attributes, such as heart disease, mental illness, or drug use, are at increased risk of sudden death following application of a TASER electronic control device (ECD). Data derived from autopsy reports indicate few differences in the presence of such attributes between arrest-related sudden deaths following the application of an ECD and arrest-related sudden deaths that did not involve an ECD. The notable exception was deaths involving excited delirium, which appeared statistically more often in ECD-proximate events.

About the Author

Howard E. Williams recently retired following 36 years of police service. He rose through the ranks of the Austin (Texas) Police Department before he was chosen to become the Chief of Police in San Marcos, Texas. He received his PhD from Texas State University where he currently serves as an adjunct graduate lecturer in the School of Criminal Justice.