The Vice Presidency in Foreign Policy: From Mondale to Cheney

The Vice Presidency in Foreign Policy: From Mondale to Cheney
Jack Lechelt
April 2009

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"a very thorough and timely analysis....Highly recommended." -- Choice


Since Walter Mondale's vice presidency, a noticeable change occurred in an office long derided as a wasteland. This development was the result of a number of factors, most significantly the increasing complexity of the international environment, the growth of the presidency, and the establishment of precedents between President Carter and Vice President Mondale. These precedents increased the likelihood that vice presidents will work in closer to their presidents and have more influence over foreign policy. However, different vice presidents will have different opportunities to influence foreign policy. Lechelt uses multiple case studies to evaluate the creation and development of the semi-institutional vice presidency, devoting a chapter to each vice president from Mondale to Cheney.

About the Author

Jack Lechelt, born and raised in New Jersey, lives with his wife Melissagale, and their daughter Reese in Leesburg, Virginia. Jack is an assistant professor of political science at Northern Virginia Community College’s Alexandria Campus.