Criminal Justice - Criminology

Environmental Law, Crime, and Justice, Second Edition
Judicial Orientation: The Black Box of Drug Court
Cybercriminology and Digital Investigation
The Legal Rights of the Convicted, Second Edition

Law & Society

Judicial Review of Administrative Discretion: How Justice Scalia and Breyer Regulate the Regulators
Legal Intellectual Movements in Political Time: Reconstructive Leadership and Transformations of Legal Thought and Discourse
Hot News in the Age of Big Data: A Legal History of the Hot News Doctrine and Implications for the Digital Age
The Constitutional Principles of Justice Kennedy: A Jurisprudence of Liberty and Equality

New Americans

Negotiating Tradition, Becoming American: Family, Gender, and Autonomy for Second Generation South Asians
Growing Up Transnational:  Colombian and Dominican Children of Immigrants in New York City
Measuring Change in Immigration Policy
The Criminalization of Immigration: The Post 9/11 Moral Panic